Journal of Paramedic Practice

The UK's best selling paramedic journal. It provides essential paramedic training and paramedic CPD support.

The difficult choice between resuscitation and letting go

Nursing care when a do not resuscitate order is in place.

07 November 2017
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Past Medical History

Inspiring website about medical pioneers and early medical treatments. I write guest blogs.

Medical lessons from the battlefield

08 October 2017
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The discovery of the body's circulatory system by William Harvey

15 June 2017
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The Hippocratic Post

A global blogging site featuring eminent medical professionals from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and UCLA, with many articles (including my own) republished in the Daily Mail. I blog about nursing, end of life, disability, and elderly care.

Life is all memory

22 October 2017
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Diana's endless empathy

04 September 2017
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Twins - nature or nurture?

31 May 2017
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Names I will never forget

22 May 2017
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No cameras in care homes

05 April 2017
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Starvation in hospitals

21 February 2017
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Care home cast away

28 January 2017
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Wheels of misfortune

06 January 2017
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All the colours of wound care

Second prize Journal of Wound Care Awards

21 December 2016
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Back from the brink

13 November 2016
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Engineering solutions for Michael Schumacher

11 October 2016
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Stained by a snowflake

13 September 2016
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Till death, or the nursing home, do us part?

11 August 2016
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One body, many parts

18 July 2016
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Where have all the nurses gone?

18 July 2016
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Misdiagnosis: a personal story

28 June 2016
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Is a baby worth more than an old man?

31 May 2016
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Popping pills, doing drugs: the nurse's drug round

25 April 2016
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Dying well?

07 April 2016
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Evidently Cochrane

Evidently Cochrane aims to make research data really accessible. It has won the UK Blog Awards 2015, Health company category and was shortlisted for the 2016 UK Blog Awards.

Rivastigmine reviewed: doubts about dementia drug

06 July 2017
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Urinary catheter care: what does the evidence say?

02 May 2017
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Mail Online

The most visited English language newspaper website in the world. My contributions to the health section.

Why is there a nursing shortage?

22 July 2016
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Why do we adore babies but abandon the elderly?

23 June 2016
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Daily Mail

The UK's leading daily newspaper for health issues. I wrote a five piece series describing misuse of medicines among patients.


20 September 2016
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13 September 2016
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06 September 2016
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09 August 2016
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GTN spray

02 August 2016
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Reader's Digest

Information for the public on diseases, drugs and the truth behind the health headlines. Take a tour of some marvels of the human body too.

The impact of illness: Huntington's disease

08 November 2017
genetics, brain, disability external link

My disabled travel diary

18 October 2017
disability external link

A guide to Guillain Barre syndrome

11 October 2017
disability, immunity, lungs external link

Focus on fentanyl: friend or foe?

20 September 2017
drugs, surgery external link

A woman who changed the world

13 September 2017
heart, pregnancy, surgery, historical external link

5 complicated truths about fibromyalgia

30 August 2017
disability external link

How can you treat heart failure?

23 August 2017
heart, drugs, surgery, exercise external link

Why do we age?

16 August 2017
wonder, elderly external link

Living with emphysema

26 July 2017
lungs, disability external link

All you need to know about diuretics

18 July 2017
drugs, kidney, heart, hormones external link

Why do humans cry?

11 July 2017
antidepressants, mental health external link

Debunking some dyslexia myths

27 June 2017
brain, genetics external link

How do anaesthetics affect your body?

20 June 2017
brain, surgery external link

Why do we yawn?

13 June 2017
wonder, lungs, brain, pregnancy external link

The effects of lightning on the human body

24 May 2017
brain, heart, skin external link

Life with cystic fibrosis

10 May 2017
lungs, genetics, digestion external link

How can we beat muscular dystrophy?

03 May 2017
disability, drugs, genetics external link

Can brushing your teeth help you to live longer?

26 April 2017
digestion, infection, pregnancy, heart external link

All you need to know about Barrett's Oesophagus

12 April 2017
digestion, cancer, genetics, alcohol external link

Surprising facts about your spleen

05 April 2017
blood, historical, mental health, clotting, immunity external link

Are you medically fit to fly?

29 March 2017
lungs, mental health, heart, infection, disability external link

5 ways to reduce anxiety

23 March 2017
mental health, antidepressants, homeopathy, exercise, drugs external link

All you need to know about the tiny bones in your ear

14 March 2017
bones, brain, wonder external link

All you need to know about HRT

08 March 2017
hormones, heart, cancer, bones, drugs external link

7 things you didn't know about testosterone

14 February 2017
hormones, pregnancy, stroke, cholesterol, drugs external link

The scientist behind the treatment of haemophilia B

09 February 2017
blood, clotting, genetics, historical, drugs external link

All you need to know about blood clotting

23 January 2017
blood, clotting, wonder, liver external link

All you need to know about manuka honey

09 January 2017
homeopathy, infection, skin, wonder external link

5 reasons to love your liver

02 January 2017
blood, hormones, digestion, wonder, liver external link

How does loneliness affect the body

19 December 2016
mental health, heart, stroke, elderly external link

Warfarin and newer drugs

12 December 2016
blood, clotting, heart, drugs external link

The world's first human heart transplant

05 December 2016
heart, historical, wonder external link

Everything you need to know about HIV and AIDS

28 November 2016
infection, immunity, blood, drugs external link

What da Vinci taught us about the human body

21 November 2016
historical, heart, cholesterol, blood, wonder external link

What did Charles Dickens know about medicine?

14 November 2016
historical, wonder, disability, stroke external link

All you need to know about Roaccutane

31 October 2016
skin, drugs, mental health, pregnancy external link

Everything you need to know about influenza

24 October 2016
infection, immunity, historical, lungs, drugs external link

Health Hazards in Outer Space

14 October 2016
lungs, brain, blood, mental health external link

6 things you need to know about your GTN spray

25 September 2016
heart, drugs, blood external link

All you need to know about your pituitary gland

18 September 2016
brain, hormones, wonder external link

All you need to know about insulin

04 September 2016
drugs, digestion, hormones, historical external link

What happens to the body in heat?

27 August 2016
wonder external link

All you need to know about the Zika virus

19 August 2016
infection, brain, pregnancy external link

The history of the clinical trial

10 August 2016
historical, ethics, drugs external link

Coenzyme Q10: the miracle cure?

28 July 2016
homeopathy, heart, drugs external link

How deep brain stimulation can help Parkinson's

19 July 2016
brain, disability, surgery external link

All you need to know about heart bypass surgery

11 July 2016
heart, surgery, mental health external link

Botox: the good, the bad and the ugly

28 June 2016
drugs, surgery, skin external link

The heart hero who discovered the heartbeat

17 June 2016
historical, heart, blood external link

How do humans stand and balance without falling over?

04 June 2016
brain, bones, heart, wonder external link

Can healthy eating undo the damage of smoking?

25 May 2016
lungs, cancer, digestion external link

All you need to know about inhalers

18 May 2016
lungs, drugs external link

The drugs treating Parkinson's

24 April 2016
brain, drugs, historical external link

The lesser known symptoms of Parkinson's

15 April 2016
brain, mental health, digestion external link

Fascinating facts about the knee

07 April 2016
bones, disability, surgery external link

Does stress cause Alzheimer's?

05 April 2016
brain, mental health, elderly external link

All you need to know about laxatives

21 March 2016
digestion, drugs external link

7 things you didn't know about the placenta

13 March 2016
pregnancy, wonder, hormones external link

Everything you need to know about tramadol

02 March 2016
drugs, mental health, brain external link

10 things you didn't know about your spine

24 February 2016
bones, brain, wonder external link

What does love do to the body?

15 February 2016
brain, heart external link

The A-Z of obesity

04 February 2016
digestion, exercise, mental health external link

All you need to know about codeine

23 January 2016
drugs, brain external link

10 things you didn't know about the appendix

15 January 2016
wonder, infection, immunity external link

Which medicines should I use to get rid of indigestion?

04 January 2016
digestion, drugs external link

The helpful and harmful effects of wine on the body

25 December 2015
liver, heart, homeopathy external link

How does the body survive in extreme cold weather?

15 December 2015
wonder external link

Is chocolate good for the heart?

05 December 2015
heart, cholesterol, homeopathy external link

Does cannabis really work as medicine?

25 November 2015
drugs, brain, mental health external link

Body rhythms: shaping the pattern of life

15 November 2015
wonder, brain, heart external link

Red meat and processed meat: can they really cause cancer?

05 November 2015
digestion, cancer external link

Could spicy food make you live longer?

28 October 2015
digestion, elderly, homeopathy external link

Everything you need to know about Zoladex

16 October 2015
cancer, drugs, hormones external link

Biomimetics: design inspired by human and animal bodies

07 October 2015
wonder, bones external link

Synaesthesia: people who hear and taste colour

27 September 2015
wonder, brain, pregnancy external link

Why does junk food make us fat?

15 September 2015
brain, digestion, genetics external link

Everything you need to know about iron tablets

03 September 2015
blood, pregnancy, lungs, drugs external link

Superskin: our natural armour

25 August 2015
skin, wonder external link

Avastin: the cure for bowel cancer and blindness?

18 August 2015
cancer, blood, drugs external link

Everything you need to know about antibiotics

09 August 2015
drugs, infection, historical external link

How blind people gain an enhanced sense of hearing

Shortlisted for Guild of Health Writer Award 2016

27 July 2015
wonder, brain external link

Strong hands, strong heart? Does grip strength show life expectancy?

13 July 2015
heart, stroke external link

All you need to know about drugs to treat Alzheimer's

03 July 2015
brain, drugs, elderly external link

Iron: is it your body's friend or foe?

28 June 2015
blood, wonder external link

Is paracetamol effective against back pain?

16 June 2015
drugs external link

All you need to know about antidepressants

04 June 2015
drugs, brain, mental health, antidepressants external link

How does the heart keep beating without getting tired?

25 May 2015
heart, wonder external link

All you need to know about beta blockers

17 May 2015
drugs, heart external link

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

06 May 2015
digestion, heart, cancer, cholesterol, homeopathy external link

Why can we remember the past vividly, but forget what happened a few minutes ago?

25 April 2015
brain, wonder, exercise external link

Can coffee grains ward off Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and heart disease?

15 April 2015
digestion, heart, brain, homeopathy external link

Everything you need to know about aspirin

05 April 2015
drugs, heart, cancer, stroke external link

British Journal of Cardiac Nursing

The UK's only monthly journal dedicated to cardiac nursing: a fast-moving, demanding speciality. I help nurses keep up to date with issues such as cholesterol, cardiac drugs, pioneers of cardiology and telemonitoring.

A look at antidepressant use - and cardiovascular risk

For World Mental Health Day

10 October 2017
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The 8D's on Helen Brooke Taussig: turning blue babies pink

05 September 2017
external link

The discovery of human blood groups: Karl Otto Landsteiner

06 June 2017
external link

On normalising anxiety: a royal perspective and expert advice

05 April 2017
external link

Greatness in failure: a look at Leonardo da Vinci and his drawings of the heart

06 March 2017
external link

Change of heart: Christiaan Barnard and the first human heart transplant

11 December 2016
external link

Communicating cardiology: lose the jargon, not the patient

11 November 2016
external link

Smoking cessation: how to tackle a whole-body disease.

11 October 2016
external link

Going round in circles: discovery of the body's circulatory system by William Harvey

11 September 2016
external link

Nurses Day: Sharing care stories to combat fatigue

16 July 2016
external link

Ezetimibe and cholesterol: how low should you go?

11 June 2016
external link

Telemonitoring as a tool for blood pressure management

08 September 2015
external link

Polypharmacy in the cardiac patient and chronocardiology

16 July 2015
external link

Rivaroxaban: a welcome addition to anticoagulation

03 July 2015
external link

Fishing for pearls in cardiology

Guest editorial

03 July 2015
external link

Heart-brain interactions: a focus on neurological injury after cardiac surgery

20 March 2015
external link

Can cholesterol be defined as just 'good' or 'bad'?

03 September 2014
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Nursing Times

Founded in 1905, the Nursing Times magazine has been training nurses for over 100 years. Their website is the most visited site for nurses in Europe.

Autonomic dysreflexia: A hypertensive emergency in the spinal cord injured patient

28 October 2015
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From farms to Pharma

Book review

26 June 2015
external link

Writing can be rewarding

13 July 2004

Nursing is a practical skill

15 June 2004

Stand up for yourself

18 May 2004

Playing the waiting game

20 April 2004

Apply the theory of holism

23 March 2004

Nightshifts offer valuable lessons

24 February 2004

Nursing is the best career

09 September 2003

British Journal of Cardiac Nursing (Research round up)

Research Round Up: A selection of recently published articles of interest to cardiac nurses. The aim of this roundup is to provide a brief overview of the research papers selected.

Vitamin D, PTSD, brain injury

14 October 2017
external link

Statins, stem cells, iron

04 September 2017
external link

Pregnancy, cardiac arrest, Amazonians

02 August 2017
external link

Polypharmacy, palliative care, haemorrhage, diabetes

10 July 2017
external link

Music, firefighters, food and the heart

12 June 2017
external link

Hypertension in Kenya, IVF, cardiac secretions

09 May 2017
external link

Self-esteem, PTSD, anxiety, Fontan procedure

11 April 2017
external link

Alcohol and the heart, sternal wound infection, postpartum haemorrhage

06 March 2017
external link

Postural tachycardia, antiplatelets, digoxin, PCSK9 inhibitors

22 February 2017
external link

Loneliness and heart disease, NOACs, automated drug dispensing

04 January 2017
external link

Cardioprotection from phenols and fibre, antibiotics in endocarditis, acellular vascular grafts

04 December 2016
external link

Heart transplant, LQTS, smoking cessation, prevalence of heart disease in Europe

04 November 2016
external link

Losartan and Marfan syndrome, smoking and heart disease, drugs for heart failure

04 October 2016
external link

CBT for angina, HIV and cardiovascular disease, gout and AF

04 September 2016
external link

Anticoagulation in AF, cardiac stents, variable blood pressure, aortic stenting

04 August 2016
external link

Statins during heart surgery, sleep apnoea, PCSK9 inhibitors, low BMI and cardiac risk

04 July 2016
external link

Aortic valve surgery, iron deficiency and heart failure, stress and diabetes

04 June 2016
external link

Thyroid hormone and the heart, cardiac stents, pacemakers, chest pain

04 May 2016
external link

Warfarin after heart surgery, diagnosing heart conditions, beta blockers

04 April 2016
external link

Broken heart syndrome, caffeine and the heart, bilirubin

04 March 2016
external link

Statins and influenza, reducing blood pressure, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10

04 February 2016
external link

Non cardiac chest pain, Hypertension and diabetes

04 January 2016
external link

Christmas special: effects of wine, chocolate and cold weather on the heart

04 December 2015
external link

Dehydration amongst nurses; variations in mortality after heart attack

04 November 2015
external link

Special edition on atrial fibrillation

04 October 2015
external link

Aspirin as an antidepressant? Energy drinks and the heart, Blood transfusions.

04 September 2015
external link

British Red Cross

My experience of administering First Aid, shared with the Red Cross to promote First Aid Training. British Red Cross Hero Award Winner.

Knowing first aid helped me to save a motorcyclist's life

11 March 2016
external link

Tara Tripp Hearing Care

My experience of hearing loss, shared with a local, independent hearing health care practice.

What's it like to lose your hearing for a day?

03 February 2016

Kew Health and Beauty, Savoy

Local pharmaceutical companies: I investigated the research behind their products.

Coenzyme Q10 in Parkinson's disease?

25 July 2016
Q10 Savoy.pdf

Stem cell creams to reverse ageing?

20 February 2016
stem cells kew.pdf

Spinal Injuries Association

Writing for their bi-monthly magazine to raise awareness of issues relevant to those with spinal cord injury.

Urinary catheter care: what does the evidence say?

10 October 2017
Urinary catheter care.pdf

Autonomic dysreflexia in SCI

05 February 2016

Multiple Matters

The official magazine of the Twins and Multiple Births Association

Nature or Nurture?

I wrote on my experience of being a twin, and having twin nieces (pages 14-15)

20 September 2017
external link