Scientifically credible health writing – with real-life experience


  • I’m a physiologist, a researcher and a nurse
  • I love to marvel at the mysteries of the body; delve deep into disease and drugs
  • I advocate for the elderly and the dying; I reveal what it’s really like to be a nurse today
  • I write for professionals and the public
  • I write lengthy research papers and short ‘research round-ups’
  • I can write stories for the media, bitesize biology for the public
  • My blog was nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017
  • My writing has been shortlisted for national and international awards
  • No job too big or too small!

Tried and tested peer reviewing

Since 2012 I have been a peer reviewer for the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing.

I provide prompt, accurate, fair feedback and have influenced the publication of many papers.



Do you want reassurance that a scientifically-trained mind has read through your work before publication?